Radeon Mobility X700 not working

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 17:03:25 PDT 2006

On 6/13/06, Aaron Dewell <Aaron.Dewell at woods.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having some problems getting X11R7 to work again on my laptop.  I was
> using the ATI proprietary driver before, but they support nothing since 6.8,
> and keeping that version requires doing weird things to Debian, not getting
> newer packages of almost everything, etc.  And I've already upgraded, and the
> Debian archive doesn't have 6.8 anymore. :)
> So I'd like to get the included radeon driver working, and I'm happy to do
> any testing.  I'd offer to code for it, but I'm almost useless with low
> level coding (one brief attempt at a SCSI driver several years ago that took
> someone else to get it finally working :).
> The server starts normally, with no truly indicative log messages, but produces
> a black screen.  When I have dual head configured, with TMDS,LVDS, it produces
> odd results, but at least I see something on the internal screen (but
> jittery and multiple copies).  The only scary log message is that DRI is
> disabled due to failure to open /dev/drm/card0, which occasionally is there
> during some of my attempts (I haven't been concentrating on that issue, assuming
> the basics would work with or without DRI).
> AMD Turion64, ATI Mobility X700 (it's an acer ferrari 4000, for the rest of the
> hardware information)

The ferrari's are know if have flakey monitor detection.  You'll need
to force the primary output to LVDS (as Dave said) get the panel
working.  As far as LVDS+TMDS (DVI), you'll have to patch the server
with my radeon output rework:
or set monitorlayout to "LVDS, CRT" use the following hack:


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