radeon + DVI via docking station

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at cl.uni-bremen.de
Thu Jun 15 10:24:31 PDT 2006

Alex Deucher wrote:
>> I decided to check the driver that ATI provides. It also fixes the problem with realplay: the
>> content of realplay was not visible on the external monitor.
> It's probably not using the overlay.  if you are using a clone mode
> you have to select which crtc the overlay shows up on by toggling the
> XV_SWITCH_CRT Xv attribute.

I found something in the net and tried:

xvattr -a XV_SWITCHCRT -v 1

Okay, thanks this enables the output for the second monitor. However,
now the realplayer on laptop display remains dark. The ATI-driver had
something on both screens.

Is this possible?

>From reading


I got the impression that a malfunctioning DDC recognition is
responsible for this.

I used the hacked radeontools and the system seems to run stable now
with the DVI, my question is: what happens if I have the display on
before I changed the graphics card's registers? I guess it will crash
again. This situation could arise when I boot the machine.

So the only way to get a stable system seems to be to install the new
driver from the CVS. I checked out all the code, but what do I have to
do in order to just compile the driver and use it with the x-org that
was shipped with SuSE 10.1. Or is this impossible?

I found driver/xf86-video-ati and there is an install script, but I do
not know how to use it, and what it will do.

Thanks and best wishes


Stefan Müller

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