commit to libX11 git w/ broken message...

Matthias Hopf mhopf at
Fri Jun 16 09:34:10 PDT 2006

I just committed my updates for Bug 3104 (Compose table cache) to libX11
git. But in that process git scrambled my multi-line comments, so the
four commits look more or less the same :-(

I'm still trying to reproduce whether it was git-rebase or git-push
which did something wrong.

Ok, by knowing that we can hinder this to happen for the future, but can
the broken commit be reverted? I have the old state with the multiline
comments still here on my box, but changes that have once been commited
upstream should not be reverted AFAIK...

If someone still dares to do so, feel free to nuke my changes, but
please tell me.


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