xorg building problem

Fazer fazerxlo at o2.pl
Sat Jun 17 05:02:26 PDT 2006

I have a SUSE 10.0 insted the new 10.1 because the 10.1 have not the modular 
x.org in version 7.0 or higher.

So to have working unichrome Pro IGP driver on my video card i decided to 
bouid from soyrce the modular x.og based on the wiki manual.

So I use the cvs to download everythig but there were many problems

The firs I have to download missed packages listed on wiki.

After this I noticed that there are some missing files like:

I downladed xcb by git repository
and copied the X11 to libX11 (I found it by google)

there were also problems with pkg-config so I instaled the wersion whitch was 
on wiki.

So after half of day I reach next problem with yacc

yacc  -d gram.y
make[2]: yacc: ... command not found (I have to translate it from polish) 

 so I downloaded Bison for it but it dont work:

twm-parse.o: In function `doparse':
/tmp/src/app/twm/src/parse.c:111: undefined reference to `yylineno'
twm-gram.o: In function `twmrc_error_prefix':
/tmp/src/app/twm/src/gram.y:879: undefined reference to `yylineno'
twm-gram.o: In function `yyparse':
/tmp/src/app/twm/src/gram.c:1382: undefined reference to `yylex'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I check if I have the lex but i have

susek:/tmp/src/app/twm # lex --version
/usr/bin/flex version 2.5.4

The next problem in bouil operation is:

Building xserver module component ...
sh: autogen.sh: No such file or directory
***** autogen failed on xserver/

And the last is:

./configure: line 20486: syntax error near unexpected token `RANDR,'
./configure: line 20486: `XORG_DRIVER_CHECK_EXT(RANDR, randrproto)'
***** autogen failed on driver/xf86-input-aiptek

that repeat many times so I break the building process

So if you have some idea what i do wrong or what I forgot to do pleas write me

If you need some more information fro me I will send it and last question is 
that I build to test in /tmp/modular file using prefix option on:

PATH=/tmp/modular/bin:$PATH ./util/modular/build.sh -m /tmp/Mesa-6.5 -n 
-D /tmp/modular > build7.log 2>&1

If I resolve all problems and I will wont to build on my system what I need to 
write in prefix or whithout prefix and what more I need to do to work on 
compiled x.org

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