API for finding out whether your X monitor is on the current VT

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org
Sun Jun 18 03:30:15 PDT 2006


Dave Airlie, le Sun 18 Jun 2006 16:39:41 +1000, a écrit :
> >I've been looking, without success so far, for an existing extension +
> >API that'll allow me to find out whether my X session is on the current
> >VT (Virtual Terminal) ?
> You should be able to use the root window property XFree86_VT and the
> Linux fgconsole command to do it,

That's what this property was meant for indeed :)

BTW, in the Xnest case, it would be helpful to have such a property for
knowing the window ID that it is using in the parent X server, could
this be added?

> not sure how to do it for remote
> clients, as calling fgconsole isn't probably possible.

It is not (since you need an fd to the console).


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