Xegl state

Hanno Böck ml at hboeck.de
Mon Jun 19 00:44:04 PDT 2006

As the question came up about the state of xegl, I recently tried to get egl 
running, already failed with eglinfo, but I made some patches that at least 
let xegl compile.

Most of them are not really supposed to work (mostly commenting out stuff that 
no longer is available), so maybe not helpful at all, but I thought I'd share 
it with you anyway, so the next one trying this has something to start with.


mesa-r200-egl.diff is required to link r200_dri.so against the appropriate 
xegl-makefile-fix.diff and xegl-makefile-fix-a.diff look sane to me and could 
probably be applied.
xegl-fix-b.diff also seems okay to me.

xegl-fix-1.diff and xegl-fix-a.diff are, as said above, supposed to break, as 
they just comment out stuff that doesn't work.

I don't know if anyone else was working on egl/xegl lately, though I'd like to 
hear if anyone did.

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