Transparent toplevel using XShape: What about events?

Shailaja Vats at
Mon Jun 19 17:56:25 PDT 2006

Thanks to this posting
a while ago on the mailing lists, I was able to get bi-level transparency
working on my X11 system after many failed attempts, thanks!
My question now is is there anyway to not let the events pass through the
"holes" / "shaped part of the window".
Basically I would like a transparent background, but still want the all
input keyboard/mouse events to be passed to my toplevel window and not
what's underaneath, even if the mouse click for eg. is on a part of a window
that is transparent. (Right now only parts of thw window for which shape
pixel is 1 recognize input events)
My application is basically a interactive drawing window. I want the user to
able to draw on a transparent background using mouse clicks.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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