Transparent toplevel using XShape: What about events?

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Mon Jun 19 18:54:44 PDT 2006

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:49:02 +0930 Peter Hutterer <mailinglists at>

> Use an InputOnly window. InputOnly windows are transparent but can  
> intercept events. Depending on how you want to get the events you may  
> need to put the window in front of your shaped window or behind.
> Also, have a look at the source for gromit, that may even save you  
> some coding.

hard to do if you are managed by a wm... as you'd need the input only window to
NOT be a child of your parent window. you'd need to track your stacking and
fake an input only window layered on top but stacked so it's not on top of
windows that are on top of you. you might want to try setting the ShapeInput
shape as well as the ShapeClip for the actual visual shape.

> Cheers,
>    Peter
> On 20/06/2006, at 10:26 AM, Shailaja Vats wrote:
> > Hi!
> > Thanks to this posting
> >
> > a while ago on the mailing lists, I was able to get bi-level  
> > transparency working on my X11 system after many failed attempts,  
> > thanks!
> > My question now is is there anyway to not let the events pass  
> > through the "holes" / "shaped part of the window".
> > Basically I would like a transparent background, but still want the  
> > all input keyboard/mouse events to be passed to my toplevel window  
> > and not what's underaneath, even if the mouse click for eg. is on a  
> > part of a window that is transparent. (Right now only parts of thw  
> > window for which shape pixel is 1 recognize input events)
> > My application is basically a interactive drawing window. I want  
> > the user to able to draw on a transparent background using mouse  
> > clicks.
> > Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
> >
> > -Shailaja
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