Xorg 7.0r1 / i810 / ForceBios doesn't work with fairlite drivers

Christian Weiske cweiske at cweiske.de
Wed Jun 21 00:10:11 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I have been using the patched i810 drivers from
> http://www.fairlite.demon.co.uk/intel.html
happily for some months with xorg 6.8.

After upgrading to 6.8.2, the driver was overwritten and the page not
providing the 6.8 driver anymore, I saw me forced to switch to xorg 7.0
what I did.

Xorg works, but although I replaced the intel i810 driver with the one
from the page, the X log tells me that
> (WW) I810(0): Option "ForceBIOS" is not used

I am pretty sure that it's the right driver file I replaced, because
when I rename it x doesn't start, complaining that the driver isn't there.
> /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/i810_drv.so

Is there a reason why ForceBios doesn't work for me?

> Section "Device"
>     Identifier  "Intel i855GM"
>     Driver      "i810"
>     Option "ForceBIOS" "1600x1200=1400x1050"
> EndSection

Btw, is alanh[at]fairlite.demon.co.uk dead? I wrote a mail 3 days ago,
but nobody answered.

Christian Weiske

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