XTest Fake Move / Real Mouse Move

pyaggi at alsurdelsur.com pyaggi at alsurdelsur.com
Thu Jun 22 22:12:22 PDT 2006

   I notice when Using XTESTFakeRelativeMotion or XTestFakeMotion with
negative offsets that's come out from root window the server reports
position 0,0, but when the mouse is at position 0,0 and it moves out a
MotionEvent with negative offset is dispached, so that behaibor can not
be emulated, am i right ?
  I tried patching Xorg server, i found inside the source tree a file
(Xext/xtest.c) that contains a function called
ProcXTestFakeInput(client) and i removed boundaries checks and
adjustment, but nothing happen i think this one is not related with
XTestFake... but i could not find the source for XTEST extension.
  So where do i have to look for XTEST code ? can this problem be solved
without touching the extension ?

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