mga driver not working in 7.0

Daniil V. Kolpakov dan at
Sat Jun 24 13:21:29 PDT 2006

В сообщении от 15 марта 2006 19:20 starcycle at написал(a):
> i have a matrox G450 that stopped working with the mga driver under
> xorg 7.0.0, kernel v. i'm using the same kernel settings as
> with 6.8.x, but when i startx, the screen goes blank and the monitor
> light starts blinking, like in standby. i get two error messages about
> drm and mga_hal, but i don't really care about 3D, i only need  it to
> work for 2D. i added two options to xorg.conf, and that stops the
> error messages, and the other options are basically the same as
> before.

Martox G550, stopped working in 7.1.

startx fires up the KDE, and in about a minute after the session restoration 
(konsole, amarok, konqueror and open office are loaded) the X goes down 
without restoring the console video mode. I can start another one from remote 
terminal, but it doesn't help much since the same thing happens to it 
eventially. I'm using VESA driver now too; I'll see if the fbdev driver works 
better (should it?).

I wish I could find those radeon 9200 in computer shops now... A little bit of 
offtopic: will "9200 SE" do OK, or is this chip a complete crap?

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