Semi modular source fiile proposal

Mr E_T troll at
Mon Jun 26 06:22:20 PDT 2006

I have created a script and various files to create a 
semi-modular approach to the source files.

The script is run as -
./prep-modules "path to 7.1 sources" "path to 7.0 sources"

It will create 5 source packages in .gz and .bz2 formats.

It will also do any required modifications to the's
and also to 3(?) source files (swap config.h and xconfig.h)

Any comments and suggestions are welcome

The autoconf files does not properly check the versions of already installed libraries.
(to be fixed)

It also does not handle a situation where a system library has a dependancy to be built.
(?? Can be fixed - probably not ??)

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