AW: configure: error: Package requirements were not met

Dietmar_Schindler at Dietmar_Schindler at
Tue Jun 27 02:14:05 PDT 2006


I wrote:
> ...
> Now there's something I don't understand. I would have 
> thought that if there is a line such as
>     build proto xextproto
> in the build script, then there has to be a module tar file 
> named xextproto-*.tar.$COMPRESSION in the proto as well as in 
> the everything directory. But there isn't ...
> What's wrong here?

I think I found the answer in the archived thread "incomplete x11r7.1 tree" with the messages from A. Duvnjak and Felix Kühling. Thanks to them - and I'm joining their question whether there could or should be done something so that this kind of problem doesn't arise.
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