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Katarzyna Chauca katarzyna.chauca at
Wed Jun 28 07:01:09 PDT 2006

Could you please read all my emails, calm down and please understand that we 
have nothing in comon with MS
> On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Katarzyna Chauca wrote:
> > Dear XOrg Friends
> > My name is Kate Chauca and I am Product Manager of MSCoder Independent
> > magazine for developers using Microsoft platforms.
> > I would like to invite all of you to cooperate with our magazine. We are
> > looking for authors who can write about new ideas and new projects.
> > Please let me know if you will be interested in.
> > Best Regards
> > Kate Chauca
> >
> > Product Manager
> I will not join until M$ admits the _truth_ concerning their "policy"
> against
> DR-DOS and a hundred thousand other competitiors.
> (Have a look at and
> .)
> I'm well willing to join, after M$ would have open sourced DOSwin up to
> version MS-DOS 8.00/Win4.90 (aka WinME)..
> But they will NEVER EVER do it, because the public would have to observe,
> that the underlying MS-DOS 7.00, 7.10, 7.10a and 8.00 is a slightly
> updated version of MS-DOS 6.00 from 1991.
> (I can prove this by means of disasm.)
> They even claimed - during the DR-DOS law-suit - that they had "lost" the
> MS-DOS 7.00/Win4.00 (aka Win95) source code, after the judge had sentenced
> M$
> to hand over the Win95/Chicago src to Caldera (owner of DR-DOS in 1999)
> Not to mention, that Win-NT 3.1 was basically OS/2 plus Win3.x shell, and
> therefore not the work of M$ alone, but also the work of IBM-coders.
> Shall I continue ??
> OP: May be the wrong place here to look for support.
> Product Manager
> of
> Managed Product (T.M.)

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