MSCoder magazine proposal

Martin Bochnig mb1x at
Wed Jun 28 07:36:22 PDT 2006

> Dnia środa 28 czerwiec 2006 16:21, Martin Bochnig napisał:
> > No flames: Why the hell are you posting your request to the Xorg ml ???

> hm very kind of you. I've only wanted to give you a chance to make your 
> project more popular but if you are going to act like that I think there
> is 
> no sense. 

Ohh, thank you so much for giving me that unique chance.
Cool: Are you going to report about OpenSolaris in your magazine?
Then please do so!

BTW, didn't I say "No flames."?

> I thought we are free to post but as I see you are worst than Bill Gates
> withs 
> his evangelist platform. 

I'm a Solaris nerd, not linUX.
But UNIX is UNIX in my opinion.
Invented in (circa) 1969 at Bell Labs, not in 1991 in Finnland.

Further, did you _answer_ my question W H Y you think, Xorg developers might be the best choice for finding authors to publish stories in a M$-platform magazine?
No, you did not.
No argument so far.
Where exactly do you see a connection, except, that coders code code.

> > Do you have a good reason for this?


This was the final posting you got from me, except you will start reading and answering my questions.

> >
> > Do you want Xorg to be ported to DOS (wasn't there already a project?).
> > Unfortunately is DOS dead.
> > So nothing interesting for myself anymore.

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