Improving Xorg

conon troll at
Wed Jun 28 07:47:27 PDT 2006

I have noticed that recently ther have been more and more requests
for help from users attempting to compile from scratch.

In the past I have attempted this discusion in totaly the wrong way
I admit.

If I have offended anybody - I apologize - My only excuse was 

I beleive that operationaly is a more superior platform than

But I would like to know what the reason was to split the source
packeges up so far.

While developers and packagers may love this format - others dont.

I have volenteered in the past to provide a build system with less
source packages. Not to replace the current one's - but to
supplement it.

I beleive that more and more users will try to build their own
versions and will want a more build freindly method.

I would like to have a proper freindly discusion about this.

regs conon
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