Alan Cox:

Martin Bochnig mb1x at
Wed Jun 28 12:25:19 PDT 2006

> > > You need to notice one thing. None of the people actually seriously
> > > invovled in have even bothered to reply to this "thread"
> > 
> > Alan (Cox),
> > 
> > you obviously mean me with that formulation.
> > I agree, it was a mistake to respond at all - especially in such a long
> > and OT manner.
> > I apologize.
> > 
> > Only one question: Don't you consider
> >
> > a serious thing?

Observe if you will, that it also happens to be more than just cosmetics:
One single - yet so important - gcc flag was the key secret for amd64, on wich many (all?) others have failed for a long time.
Including all x86 OpenSolaris distributions!

> > I also didn't get a response so far.
> > I mean, sure: It was just a minor patch. But users
> (opensol-distro-users)
> > have been demanding - and waiting for - it since June 2005.
> > 
> > Martin
> Not to mention my costly and time-eating effort, to thouroughly debug and
> improve the existing port to SunOS 5.x sparc.
> Confused ...

XFree86 has, btw, a much better sparc-Solaris support, than Xorg does.
Due to the fact, that Marc La France and Jakub Jelinek are still there,
rather than here.
So - if you intend to stay at Xorg's current support level for that
platform, mine or marTux' problem is that not.
If you call me a troll, I can go.
So your ML stays "clean".

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