FireMV 2400 not working with Xorg 7.1 anymore

Ian Romanick idr at
Wed Jun 28 12:58:10 PDT 2006

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Erwin Rol wrote:

> An interesting observation was that when i ran Xorg 7.0, updated to Xorg
> 7.1 and ran Xorg 7.1 it did work. It seems xorg 7.0 did initialize the
> card in such a way that Xorg 7.1 could also use it. So i am wondering
> where i should look for the difference between Xorg 7.0 and 7.1, if
> someone could at least give me some hints or directions of things that
> changed from 7.0 to 7.1 that could have to do with this problem i would
> be very thankful. 

There have been a lot of changes to the memory setup and some other
aspects of the Radeon driver.  I guess it's possible that somebody goofed.

> If someone is interested in the two rom dumps of the card i could mail
> those privately, so maybe there are some hints in there, it is
> interesting to see that the second rom is only 2k byte large. What is
> stored in those roms ? The radeontool seems to be able to extract some
> information out of them, so is the first 2k something like information
> tables and after that BIOS code ?  If so how can the second chip be
> initialized with the BIOS of the first one ? And why did it work in Xorg
> 7.0.

There are two things in the card's BIOS.  There is code there to
bootstrap the card and get it going at the lowest levels.  There is also
code there to provide certain interfaces to the system, like the VESA
BIOS extensions for mode setting and the "classic" VGA BIOS.

I guess the second chip doesn't need all that crap.  Either that or the
ROM for the second chip might just have some code to find eht ROM for
the first chip and use it.  Dunno.
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