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Wed Jun 28 16:28:08 PDT 2006

So you suggest that Xorg abandon the user who wishes to compile X11
themselves ?

Every on seems to only think that because they like the new format
then everyone should like it.

I am suggesting that both sides of the fence may be satisfied by providing
both the full module list and a combined package format.

Try it see how much it is downloaded over a couple of releases. If it
doesnt pan out drop it.

On Thursday 29 June 2006 02:28, James Blanford wrote:
> On 28 Jun, conon wrote:
> > I have noticed that recently ther have been more and more requests
> > for help from users attempting to compile from scratch.
> > 
> Many of them still seem to be trying to do it the old way - build the
> whole enchilada.  Now all they have to do is build the part they're
> interested in.
> > In the past I have attempted this discusion in totaly the wrong way
> > I admit.
> > 
> > If I have offended anybody - I apologize - My only excuse was 
> > frustration.
> > 
> > I beleive that operationaly is a more superior platform than
> > XFree86
> > 
> > But I would like to know what the reason was to split the source
> > packeges up so far.
> > 
> > While developers and packagers may love this format - others dont.
> Speak for yourself.  I love the new format for the reason I mentioned
> above.  I can have the convenience of the packages and infrastructure
> provided by my distro and play with new features like aiglx and compiz
> without having to "make World".  Gee, there's a cake here and I can eat
> it and it's still here!
> > 
> > I have volenteered in the past to provide a build system with less
> > source packages. Not to replace the current one's - but to
> > supplement it.
> > 
> > I beleive that more and more users will try to build their own
> > versions and will want a more build freindly method.
> Take and comment out 90% of it.  Write a perl-cgi frontend for
> so you can click on the components you want to build, fill in
> your prefixes and it will fetch, compile and install it.
> > 
> > I would like to have a proper freindly discusion about this.
> > 
> I think the place for that would be the Xorg user's mailing list, but
> I don't seem to be able to find one.  If there's a problem, I think it
> has less to do with the build system and more to do with the information
> needed to use it being scattered over multiple web sites and mailing
> lists, generously mixed in with obsolete and misleading instructions.
> The Foundation claims to be the global steward of the X Window
> System, but clearly they feel this means providing code for distros to
> package for users.  While up through release 7.0 they provided user
> documentation, that appears to have been abandoned for 7.1.
> If, as you have noticed, more users are going to be using Xorg code to
> build Xorg components themselves, any support for that is probably going
> to have to be developed outside of  For example, Mozillazine was
> developed for Mozilla users and Ubuntu Forums for Ubuntu users.
>      -  Jim

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