Adding make targets for lint/sparse/etc.

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Wed Jun 28 18:13:36 PDT 2006

One of the things we used in the Imake builds but lost in modularization
was rules to run lint on the source code.

I've been experimenting with restoring this and started with the nice
easy case of lib/Xau.   If you run configure with "--with-lint" it will
add a rule so that running "make lint" runs lint on the source with the
right set of -I & -D flags.   If you did "--with-lint=sparse", then
"make lint" runs sparse instead.   (Those are the two checkers I'm familiar
with and tested with, but it could be extended to similar tools easily as
well.)   If you don't specify --with-lint (as most end users probably won't)
then it changes nothing from the current builds.    (Even with the easy case
of lib/Xau, both sparse & lint found different things to complain about - see
the previous commits today to clean those up.)

This requires changes to both and - so I could put
the bits in a macro in the Xorg macro package, but would still
have to modify the in every package on a change, so I'm not sure
putting it in a macro buys much, and making packages depend on updates to the
xorg-macros package seems to have caused pain in the past.

Does the approach I'm taking make sense?   Any reason I shouldn't be adding
these to the various modules as I get to them?   (Right now I'm doing each one
as I get ready to pull it into Sun's Solaris builds/packages, since I'm doing
a gradual changeover from monolith to modular, not a all-at-once switch, and
have now finished proto/* and am starting on the libs required for building
the Xorg server.)

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