Mass git migration

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Wed Jun 28 20:08:34 PDT 2006


I was pondering migrating a few modules to git, but I though we might
as well do this once and for all.  So I wrote the attached script to
automate the instructions on the git migration page:

except the part about copying to kemper, which will require admin
rights.  Except for the automatic adding of AC_MSG_ERROR() to the's, the script doesn't touch the CVS repos at all.

I'm excluding modules that have already been converted to git.  Also,
I took out compiz from the list, but I can add it back in and convert
that too if that's ok with David (I did add Dan Winship to the
xorg-Authors list).

Finally, there's the issue of naming, prefixes and postfixes.  Looking
at the modules that have already been converted, it looks like
libraries have (re-) gained a 'lib' prefix (xorg-lib-libXrandr) and
proto modules are now lowercase with 'proto' suffixes
(xorg-proto-damageproto).  There was a fair bit of discussion about
naming during the modularization process and what's in CVS now is what
was agreed on.  I haven't seen any reasoning for adding this
redundancy to the module names, plus it'd be a pain to support in the
script.  So the script doesn't do that, and I'm suggesting we should
rename the few git repositories that have been converted.  Note that
while changing git history is practically infeasible, just changing a
repo name isn't a big deal.

If there are no objections, I can do this Friday, and we should be all
set.  I don't expect it to take too long, and besides, the biggest and
most active modules are already converted so I dont expect to
realistically block anybody from committing while the conversion takes
place.  Once the conversion is done, I'll go through the logs and new
repos and check that everything went ok and copy the git repos over to
kemper.  Oh and we'll probably want to figure out how to organize
gitweb a bit better...

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