ButtonMapping and xorg.conf

John-Scott Atlakson john.scott.atlakson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 21:00:05 PDT 2006

Thanks very much for the tips from all who responded. I feel a bit 
sheepish as it's now clear to me that this list is intended for 
developers and not end-users. Sorry about that, this was the only list I 
could find where I figured I could get the definitive word on xorg.conf 
tuning. Hopefully I can get my head wrapped around all of this and maybe 
contribute some documentation for end users. I've been surprised how 
common it for us 'average' users to have to wrestle with xorg.conf and 
other utils (xmodmap, imwheel) without much in the way of clear 
documentation, just contradictory suggestions on distro forums (use 
imwheel, don't use imwheel, etc.). Like I said, hopefully when I get a 
grip I can contribute something to help others. Thanks for your help and 
your contributions to OSS!

John-Scott Atlakson

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