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Dietmar_Schindler at Dietmar_Schindler at
Thu Jun 29 01:51:07 PDT 2006

> On Wednesday, June 28, 2006 4:28 pm, conon wrote:
> > So you suggest that Xorg abandon the user who wishes to compile X11
> > themselves ?
> Compiling is trivial, I really don't understand the problem you're 
> having.  Do you really want to build all the unrelated packages Xorg 
> used to include in it's monolithic monstrosity?  Why would 
> you ever want 
> to recompile libXt for example?  Aren't you more interested in the 
> server itself?

I cannot answer for conon, but I'll describe my problem case.
I have a homemade PowerPC Linux system with an XFree86 server that aborts when I call xset -q.
In the hope of getting a working X, I'm trying to build Xorg release 7.1.
I am not sure whether the libraries from 1999 which are lying around here are suitable, so I thought I'd better compile the current ones. Moreover, the description at doesn't talk about building only parts of X, except "by hand" - and I don't know which modules I need and which I don't need.

> What exactly are you trying to do?  Are you a distributor 
> who's trying to 
> package stuff up for users with less granularity than the 
> upstream X.Org 
> provides?  Or just someone who wants to tinker around with 
> recent X bits 
> every now and then?
> I've heard a few people say they miss the "make World" approach but 
> haven't seen anyone say *why* they miss it...

Since I just recently started "playing" with X, I'm not missing something from the past, I'm just missing a clear documentation how to build X that is in accordance with reality. The efforts of conon sound promising to me.
Best regards,
Dietmar Schindler 

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