AW: Improving Xorg

Martin Bochnig martinb at
Thu Jun 29 07:58:04 PDT 2006

> On Thu, 2006-06-29 at 16:25, martinb at wrote:
> > The only mistake I made - and I already apologized for it was, that I
> > started a combination of responding too verbosely (given that the
> > topic was ways OT) and kind of giving lectures about the MS-DOS/Win
> > relationship, X11 for DOS and such.
> > This was the only mistake I see.
> Ok, I'll point you to one obvious other: don't write M$ instead of
> Microsoft. That's childish of you, and all you following arguments will
> look like they lack maturity afterwards.
> Regards,
> 	Xav


thanks for pointing this out, 'learned something.

But believe it or not: I (personally) never felt that way, when I saw "M$".
Only when reading "Windoze" or "Windoof" (German) or something similar.
I therefore _never_ used the latter terms, never.
Seems you are right and I should add "M$" to my personal blacklist of terms, not to be used.



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