AW: Improving Xorg

Martin Bochnig martinb at
Thu Jun 29 08:19:42 PDT 2006

> Dave Airlie wrote:
> > You could perhaps fix to build on solaris sparc, I don't think
> > anyone else here had tried to do this yet,
> I made sure it built on Solaris SPARC for 7.0, but didn't have time
> around the 7.1 release to do the same, and only kept up on Solaris x86.

I did not try 7.0 so far, but might do so as soon as possible.
I actually wanted to get the marTux iso's ready over night.
But I will also try 7.0 .
I assume it will compile flawlessly, if you say you made it compile.

> As Sun adopts more and more of the modular release to build the packages
> used in future versions of Solaris, we'll be doing a better job of making
> sure it all builds on both Solaris SPARC & x86.

That's why I'm still here.
I don't understand it myself, otherwise.

> (Running the Xorg server is a whole other matter, but that didn't work
>   much better for 6.9 on Solaris SPARC either.)

It does run.
But only on certain "good" platforms.
(Best on Sun Blade 1000/2000 and AXi. [all potentially supported frame buffers]).
Still on U5/10 (as long as one redirects stdout and stderr to /dev/null or any arbitrary file, so it cannot corrupt the console). Valid for all Ati based SUNW fb's like the PGX, PGX64 and XVR-100. Also for the on-board Ati PGX64 chips present on all U5/U10's.

Still work on the U60 (not any Ati-boards so far, only the BestOfAllSupported board, the PGX32/Techsource Raptor 8p.
I didn't yet put in an Ati board into my U60, so I could not test so far, whether or nor redirecting stderr will work.
Maybe it will.
So that also the Ati boards might work also on the U60.

Feel free to read my quick summary at

Alan Cox, I'm "not serious about Xorg"???

I'm student of Maths with few if not "no" money.
Here is - despite that - what I've purchased only and alone to debug Xorg (and XFree86) on sparc workstaions
(only an excerpt I currently have quick access to) :

bochnig    the slow Ultra1
    bochnig    E450 :
    bochnig    Creator3D fb:
    bochnig    Elite3D AFB1 :
    bochnig    U30 Creator3D:
    bochnig    PGX 8 bit:
    bochnig    Going to my other ebay accounts ...

But let me continue pls:
    bochnig    (second)
    bochnig    U80:
    bochnig    U10:
    bochnig    And my biggest mistake ver, I'll UNDO it:
    jamesd    the u80 is a decent price
    bochnig    I'll import a low config SB150 from the US, tomorrow evening ends a nice 550MHz box

I already had before:

Sun Blade 1000
Sun Blade 2000
Sun Fire 280R
Ultra 5
Ultra AXi 440MHz
Tadpole SPARCle 500SX sparc Laptop
Ultra 60

I've overdrawn all of my poor banking accounts right down to the owest limit possible.
Haven't even paid certain very important insurances lik for my old car, for example.

And you (Alan Cox) go ahead and not only refuse to (actually read and) respond, but also lock my account / put me on the blacklist?

No comment anymore.


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