Mr. Alan Cox, Sir: I'm waiting for you to apologize. __/__ WAS: Re: Re: AW: Improving Xorg

Martin Bochnig martinb at
Thu Jun 29 08:39:34 PDT 2006

> Alan Cox's e-mail address is not xorg at
> If you wish to continue your argument with him, please address your
> e-mail directly to him - the rest of the xorg list subscribers do
> not need to see it.    (Before you start flaming me - I'm not objecting
> to mail about Xorg itself, just to the many off-topic messages being
> posted to the list and addressed directly to him.)

I won't start flaming you.
Ken Mays uses to say "Don't bite the hand that feeds you.".
Why should I start flaming you: You mean it good with Solaris.
And support me with good points here.
I also always appreciate constructive criticism, as you hopefully cansee in my responses.
So that I can correct myself's views, when appropriate.

I didn't want all that trouble to go to a public list.
I would definitely have preferred a private solution / chat (as you know).
Remember what I said to Dave: "Okay, I will do it ...".
But this message could not be sent to the list from mb1x at anymore.
Only and alone 

because Alan Cox went that unglorious way of dealing with my criticism.

Not to forget, that he indirectly had been calling me troll _publically_.

That's the point.
Do I overlook something?
Anyone posting to the list, that x or y or z do not work is more welcome to the list, than someone putting so much money and effort into it like I do??


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