xf86-video-intel i945G modesetting - is there code to test?

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Thu Jun 29 09:00:36 PDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-06-29 at 15:45 +0100, Barry Scott wrote:
> I'm very interested in the modesetting support that is going into the i810
> driver. I want to run in 1280x768 and 1360x768 modes as well as the
> normal VESA modes.
> I've tried building from latest git on the modesetting branch and the
> modesetting-airlied but both have problems that I assume the branch
> owners are aware of.
> Is their code that I could test?

modesetting is the code you can test ;)

If you've got issues with it at this point that doesn't consist of:
1) DVO (= <i915 DVI/TV output, i830 LVDS output) modesetting
2) TV modesetting
3) instability during randr

then please file a bug and assign it to me (anholt at FreeBSD.org is my
bugzilla identity).  Bonus points for including what commit HEAD is
pointing at for the driver you're using.

Eric Anholt                             anholt at FreeBSD.org
eric at anholt.net                         eric.anholt at intel.com
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