AW: Improving Xorg

Martin Bochnig martinb at
Thu Jun 29 09:12:00 PDT 2006

> On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 05:19:42PM +0200, Martin Bochnig wrote:
> > And you (Alan Cox) go ahead and not only refuse to (actually read and)
> respond, but also lock my account / put me on the blacklist?
> You do realise that you're talking to Alan _Coopersmith_, not Alan Cox,
> right?

What did you think?
I was responding to Alan Coopersmith, but talking about - and directing criticism to - Alan Cox.

You don't understand that, obviously.

> If you want to keep flaming Alan about random irrelevant crap, do it
> off-list.  It's irrelevant, irritating, and makes the list exponentially
> less useful for development if half the mails just get ignored (hello
> debian-devel).
> > No comment anymore.
> Bliss.

"Irrelevant crap"???
Do you only read every fifth message, and then only parts of it, so you do not see the context?

I really suggest you to observe my following work:

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