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Martin Bochnig martinb at vorsicht-bissig.de
Thu Jun 29 09:20:57 PDT 2006

> > Bringing Xorg to work on Solaris sparc (and aperture to amd64) is
> "off-topic"??
> > 
> > Think twice.
> Your postings stopped having anything to do with development a long time
> ago.

Really wrong, what is with the PATCH and links I sent to the ML?

Here is another one - again, for your special attention:

Doesn't that have to do with development???
Then you're stating at the same time, that it does not matter, whether or not Xorg can boot into the X11 system on a given box.
That debugging and fixing were of no use.

Yet another time: I've invested THOUSANDS of $$$ into marTux (and Xorg's) hardware testing  matrix, despite the fact that I don't have money for the most important things (like insurances).

Has nothing to do with development?

> If you have _technical_ on-topic posts to make, then please, by all
> means, go ahead and make them.

I did that all the time.
Redaing is your friend.

>  But xorg@ is not a forum for your
> wounded ego.


Read again.
Thouroughly I mean.

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