Mass git migration

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Jun 29 09:38:31 PDT 2006

Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
> Hello,
> I was pondering migrating a few modules to git, but I though we might
> as well do this once and for all.  So I wrote the attached script to
> automate the instructions on the git migration page:
> except the part about copying to kemper, which will require admin
> rights.  Except for the automatic adding of AC_MSG_ERROR() to the
>'s, the script doesn't touch the CVS repos at all.

I noticed you don't even remove write permission:
         # chmod -R a-w /cvs/xorg/$section/$module

Wouldn't it be best to do this for at least the length of the migration
so no one commits to CVS while you're in the middle of conversion?

Also, I see you have libs, app, proto & driver - are we going to leave
docs, fonts, data & util in CVS?   ( data/xkbdata should not be migrated since
we don't ever plan another release of it, but the bitmaps & cursors should
move eventually.  Working with xkb-config to migrate the xlibs/xkb-desc to
a non-dead SCM repository would be good but not part of this effort.)

My one timing concern is wondering if there will be admins around Friday
to do the final steps or if they'll all be at GUADEC still.   (Well, all
except ajax - if he's willing to help, then there's no problem.)

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