[I sincerely apologize and _hereby_ stop posting to Xorg.]

martinb at kaffeeschluerfer.com martinb at kaffeeschluerfer.com
Thu Jun 29 10:03:27 PDT 2006

What a bunch of ignorants here (to remain polite).
Can't they simply admit, they're wrong?
Just as I do?!
I yet another time had to use a different e-mail address.

Never again!

/*  Xorg's decision, whether or not I'll stop it forever.  */

@Alan Coopersmith: I'm very sorry I got you involved into all that.
Please forgive me!

Makes no fun anymore, all that crap.
A damn tragedy.

@Xorg list moderators et al:

Seems like nobody (except Alan Coopersmith) read my technical stuff, due to the over-presence/dominance of personal flaming.

All and the best I can do, is sincerely apologizing again.

Still waiting for an Xorg-opinion regarding Solaris_amd64's aperture driver (What is missing for it to potentially make it into CVS ?).

I regret it went down that way.

Hint: Never again lock out my e-mail address again.
That was unfair.
Instead: Write a personal e-mail to me.
Just exactly the way, like you suggested me to do.

You were starting the trouble (by calling me a troll, flaming, putting me onto your black-list, not reading the technical things.)

Kind regards,
Martin Bochnig

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