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martinb at martinb at
Thu Jun 29 10:11:10 PDT 2006

> On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 06:12:00PM +0200, Martin Bochnig wrote:
> > I really suggest you to observe my following work:
> Let me be really blunt: I don't care about what you've done.
> It might be great, or it might be useless.  I have absolutely no idea.
> But it's completely irrelevant to this discussion: this is about you
> flooding the list with so much irrelevant garbage that you became the
> first member that I know of to earn a moderation bit (plus the other two
> addresses you later resubscribed with).  It's a development list, not a
> list for people who also do development to pollute with whatever they
> feel like.
> Once again: stay on topic.

Be more precise.
What is the topic, if not Xorg ?

What a stupid nonsense here.
How ridiculous.

___Never ever again___, count on that(!).
And stay, where you are: Personally and technically.

Did you actually notice, that you were "the one", who has been flaming, trolling and posting irrelevant ego-related non-technical crap to the ML, all the time?!!

----->>  Y O U   <<-----

IF, and only if, you meant what you said, wouldn't you have directed all those "thoughts" and warnings (rather threatenings) to myself privately, instead of flooding the ML with it?
You cannot lose, that's your problem, nor admit you made a mistake.

(This text is by no means  directed to Alan Coopersmith.)

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