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Michael Biebl biebl at
Thu Jun 29 15:57:11 PDT 2006

Adam Jackson wrote:

> Here's the thing.  Of the people who want the ability to build the world from 
> source without relying on external packaging, no one has come up with 
> anything better.  Many people have said they would _like_ something better; 
> I've not seen anything _done_.  Oh, except for the jhbuild stuff, but then no 
> one wants to use jhbuild, they just want something "simple" like a shell 
> script, even though to make one complex enough to handle rebuilding all of X 
> from scratch, you very nearly have to reinvent jhbuild.

I think, jhuild is perfectly suited for building modular xorg because it
allows to build the complete package in one go or just distinct modules
(also handling the download of the correct versions of the tarball,
which is often a complaint by those building xorg themselves and
resolving the dependencies, building the packages in the correct order)
Maybe it should be advertised more on the fd.o web page, release notes
etc. and of course should be kept uptodate (haven't checked it for a
while, maybe this is already the case).
You surely can't please everyone but providing uptodate jhbuild scripts
is a very good solution and more than sufficient imho. If people are
still not satisfied by that, because they want something else, well I'd
say you have to life with that and don't bother about it.

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