personal git trees on people instead of git?

Dave Airlie airlied at
Thu Jun 29 22:07:16 PDT 2006

> Now that Daniel has NFS mounted the git repo from kemper to annarchy,
> I'd like to reconsider where we store personal git repositories.
> Moving them from kemper(git) to annarchy(anongit,people) will allow
> people to manage repositories on their own using their shell account.
> With them on kemper, it's actually harder to create your own repo than
> commit on a branch in the central one. Ick.
> With this change, I'd also like to push for a general policy that
> personal development be done in personal repositories. With git's
> ability to share files across repositories, this doesn't present any
> disk space concern. It also permits anyone with an account to publish
> changes for any fd.o project.
> Does this seem sensible?

This is pretty much how I believe it should always have been done, I'd
like to add the additional suggestion of maybe running two gitwebs,
one for "offical" repos and one for user ones..


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