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Robert Bragg myfirstname at
Fri Jun 30 05:50:13 PDT 2006

On 29/06/06, Michael Biebl <biebl at> wrote:
> Adam Jackson wrote:
> > Here's the thing.  Of the people who want the ability to build the world from
> > source without relying on external packaging, no one has come up with
> > anything better.  Many people have said they would _like_ something better;
> > I've not seen anything _done_.  Oh, except for the jhbuild stuff, but then no
> > one wants to use jhbuild, they just want something "simple" like a shell
> > script, even though to make one complex enough to handle rebuilding all of X
> > from scratch, you very nearly have to reinvent jhbuild.
> I think, jhuild is perfectly suited for building modular xorg because it
> allows to build the complete package in one go or just distinct modules
> (also handling the download of the correct versions of the tarball,
> which is often a complaint by those building xorg themselves and
> resolving the dependencies, building the packages in the correct order)
> Maybe it should be advertised more on the fd.o web page, release notes
> etc. and of course should be kept uptodate (haven't checked it for a
> while, maybe this is already the case).
> You surely can't please everyone but providing uptodate jhbuild scripts
> is a very good solution and more than sufficient imho. If people are
> still not satisfied by that, because they want something else, well I'd
> say you have to life with that and don't bother about it.

I have a local update of Kristian HÃgsbergs original jhbuild moduleset
for xorg cvs/git head, which I have been testing - though it probably
needs some git related updates since I last did a full modular build
~2weeks ago. There is currently a problem with jhbuild supporting git
repositories that include multiple autotooled packages within
subdirectories (i.e. that just means XCB for now.) I have discussed
this with James Henstridge (jhbuild dev) and the XCB devs, and the
issue can be tracked in the gnome bugzilla @

If you or others are interested in using jhbuild before this is fully
resolved feel free to email me and I can send you the moduleset. (you
will also need to pull the latest jhbuild and apply the patch as in
the gnome bugzilla.)

(Though beware: given the rate at which things are migrating to Git
don't expect the moduleset to work for long :-) either you should be
happy to update it as needed yourself or perhaps wait a bit longer
until things settle, and perhaps the jhbuild issue will be resolved at
that time too.)

kind regards,
-- Robert

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