Improving Xorg

Adam Jackson ajax at
Fri Jun 30 12:15:05 PDT 2006

On Friday 30 June 2006 07:46, Barry Scott wrote:
> I have fixed enough of to make it work for me:
> can do build if -b and install if -i, splits into two passes to allow
> Mesa to
> be built in the middle. I also knocked out all the modules I do not need
> to get the build time down.
> Would this better be for interest? I will need to
> do a little bit more work to make it suitable for others to use. (add
> usage, allow all modules to build).


> I thought about doing that but I was concerned by all the dependencies
> that are different
> between FC4 and FC5, not least the GCC runtime has new etry points on
> FC5 and mean
> FC5 built exe's may fail to load under FC4.

True.  I'll probably attempt to rebuild stuff in mock over the weekend just 
for the experience.  There's not _too_ much that X needs to update, possibly 
just freetype.

- ajax
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