radeon MergedFB issues

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 13 02:45:37 PST 2006

> Ok. BTW. You are very much welcome having a go at fixing MergedFB :)
> I've been playing a bit on a co-worker machine with MergedFB trying to
> setup the laptop so that you have 2 MetaModes: one mergedfb dual head
> covering both internal LCD and external screen, and one clone mode based
> on the resolution of the latop panel. This is the "ideal" situation
> since it allows to unplug/replug the external monitor and just use
> xrandr to "adjust"... still not nearly as good as MacOS or Windows but
> one step further.

Not how much/whether this will help.  I'd been running a dual screen setup 
using Xinerama.  The xorg.conf file became totally useless with 6.9 with no 
output to the external monitor.  I suspected, but was never able to pin it to 
a radeon bug interacting with a 7500 M7 card.

I recently obtained this xorg.file from Marius Gedminas on the Thinkpad 
mailing list.  So far MergedFB seems to work as advertised.


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