dualscreen on a radeon x300 pci-e

Daniel Valencia fetrovsky at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 20 08:44:24 PST 2006

I'm using 6.9.0 with FreeBSD6/amd64 and an ATI X300 dualhead graphics  card.  As I have two monitors, I'm using MergedFB and pseudoxinerama...  The problem is, I've had very serious lockups, and I think it must be  that the driver is not working really well.  I had to disable all  possible accelerations and I've been able to use the two screens like  that... but it's just way too slow.  I've been through lots of mailing  lists archives and this problem doesn't seem to have existed for  versions prior to 6.9.0... Is this a known issue? Is there a  fix/workaround? Or a new driver? 
Any help will be appreciated!!  Thanks!! 
- Daniel 
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