Keyboard mapping for Dell Mobile Precision platforms

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Wed Nov 1 10:33:56 PST 2006


  I am trying to map some HotKeys into specific actions for Dell Mobile
Precision systems. I have been able to do so quite easily for the text
console but  having problem with key mapping in Xwindows.

 I am not very familiar with Xwindows code so pls help me out...

Here's what I got:

  kernel 2.6.18
  Fedora Core 5 

For example:

 I would like to map Fn+F1 to "hibernate"
 From text console with 'showkey -s' , I find pressing Fn+F1 generates
e00a. So it's quite from there to map it to any action.

 But the problem is, when I fire up xserver and run 'xev'. If I press
Fn+F1, nothing shows up in the screen to tell me about any
Xkeycode/keysym that is generated.

  This tells me that the problem might be in mapping scancode -->
Xkeycode in  the xf86PostKbdEvent() function in
   Is this the right way to fix it? If not what path should I take?

   Any pointers/suggestions are welcome. I am willing to do any coding
to get it fixed.


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