Intel i810 EXA support

Wang Zhenyu at
Wed Nov 1 17:48:23 PST 2006

On 2006.11.01 20:07:40 +0000, Andrew Barr wrote:
> Do any of the Intel people on this list have any thoughts on EXA support in 
> the driver--specifically for an 855GM chip but also generally as well--and 
> maybe an idea of what's ahead? 

I think EXA on 915/945G is mature than EXA on 855G, as Eric and I
fixed some component alpha render issue, but I haven't taken those
fixes right into 855G code yet. And I'm doing EXA support for G965 chips.

> I've not seen it discussed much and when I 
> tried the latest git there were tons of rendering errors--icons did not 
> appear at all, parts of the screen weren't redrawn, and in Firefox some text 
> did not appear.

Driver support for EXA is still not ready for now, but I hope to fix
those artifacts in near months.

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