resources not working: classname being clobbered?

Peter J. Bismuti pjb9508 at
Mon Nov 6 11:49:08 PST 2006

We have an old X application that apparently never was able to load resources 
properly.  In order for the resources in a file to have any effect, the 
classname has to be removed:

*.PlanWindow.x: 100
*.PlanWindow.y: 200

Instead of:

AppName*PlanWindow.x: 100
AppName*PlanWindow.y: 200

The Xt call clearly is attempting to set the classname correctly but we're 
speculating that somewhere else this classname is being clobbered:

top_level = XtVaAppInitialize(&AppContext,
        "AppName", ...);

Can anyone offer a guess as to what is happening?

Thanks in advance

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