Injecting mouse events into the X server

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+xorg at
Wed Nov 8 14:12:18 PST 2006

Hi John,

Thanks, this was really useful. A couple of follow on questions.

John Klingler wrote:

> I use XTest to allow clients to send both pointer and keyboard
> events to the X server. I'm not sure what you are trying to do
> so I do not know why you would want to write a driver.

The goal eventually is to replace a really crappy and broken 
binary only driver for a touchscreen I'm trying to use.

For now, I just need to get touchsreen events into X ASAP.

> In any case, your X server has to support the XTest extension.

I'm using the standard Xorg server in Ubuntu Dapper.

> (Most do.) You can use xdpyinfo to determine this. You'll get
> something like:
>     number of extensions:    16
>         BIG-REQUESTS
>         ...
>         XTEST
>         XTestExtension1

I have XTEST, but not XTestExtension1. Is there some way this can be

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