Proposal to deprecate CID

Juliusz Chroboczek Juliusz.Chroboczek at
Thu Nov 9 17:34:19 PST 2006

> Per bug #5553[0], I'd like to see if there's any way we could manage to
> remove CID support from libXfont, and also mkcfm.

I'm very strongly in favour of removing CIDFont support.  You'll find
a detailed argument in favour of this course of action on

In short

  - CIDFonts are obsolete, and have been so for a decade or so;
  - the CIDFont code is something none of us understands and none of
    us wants to maintain;
  - there are Free utilities that perform a lossless conversion from
    the CIDFont format to the OpenType/CFF format, which is something
    that we do understand and that I'm willing to maintain.

Please remove CIDFont support as soon as possible.  If you want me to
take the unavoidable flak, just send me the patch, and I'll do the

Thanks a lot,


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