problem running startx(Xorg 7.1)

Mughilan Ramajayam mughirp at
Thu Nov 9 18:11:05 PST 2006

That really helped us. Thanks a lot. 

"R.L. Horn" <lists at> wrote: On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Arun Raghavendra Murthy wrote:

> Hi All,
> I sucessfully cross compiled and installed X11R7.1
> Now i copied the installed files onto the target.I am getting the folloeing
> error on running startx.
> Any suggestion.........
> Thanks and Regards
> Arun Murthy
> **********************************************************
> X Window System Version 7.1.0
> Release Date: 22 May 2006

> (==) Log file: "/tmp/x7.1/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Tue Nov  7 16:46:57

Where is X installed on the target system?

It looks as though you specified a temporary directory for the prefix and 
later moved X elsewhare.

This is what the Developer's Guide seems to suggest.  Unfortunately, it's 
just plain wrong.

The prefix should reflect where X will actually be installed.  DESTDIR is 
used to install to temporary directories (i.e. make DESTDIR=[somethihg] 

Unfortunately, you can't readily use DESTDIR in building xorg since 
"prefix" is hardcoded into the pkg-config files.  This is particularly 
vexing when cross-compiling.

The easiest solution might be to install to something like 
/usr/X11R7-[arch] or /opt/X11R7-[arch].  You can then point symlinks to it 
on the target system as desired.

Another approach that just might work would be to set up an environment as 
follows (let's assume X will be installed in /usr/X11R7):

     DESTDIR=[some temp dir]
     ACLOCAL="alocal -I $DESTDIR/usr/X11R7/share/aclocal"

"my-pkg-config" is a shell script (maybe a bash script if "$?" isn't 

     #! /bin/sh
     # Granted this looks odd, but we want the exit value to be that of
     # pkg-config, not sed.
     result=`pkg-config $@`
     echo "$result" | sed "s,/usr/X11R7,$DESTDIR/usr/X11R7,g"
     exit $retval

Then build as normal, specifying /usr/X11R7 as prefix (and keep your 
fingers crossed).  I tried it with the xclock source and the resultant 
Makefile *looks* okay.
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