evdev in app AND driver directories

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at c3sl.ufpr.br
Fri Nov 10 10:17:41 PST 2006

Jon Grosshart wrote:
> On 11/10/06, Tiago Vignatti <vignatti at c3sl.ufpr.br> wrote:
>> Jon Grosshart wrote:
>> > I'm a bit confused as to why. I can only assume this is a mistake? It's
>> > borking up my build scripts too...
>> There are two evdev drivers in git tree. The xf86-input-evdev is the
>> xorg ddx specific driver and, as far as I known, it's input-hotplug
>> aware. The input-hotplug branch has already merged in master branch.
>> The other driver is x-input-evdev [1], but instead a driver it is a
>> library (!!!). x-input-evdev is a shared library that differents
>> xservers can link to.  The Xglx upstream code (xgl-0-0-1 branch) already
>> uses x-input-evdev (future libXevdev). I must poke someone to move
>> x-input-evdev from driver module to the lib inside git tree...
>> Well, I don't know if I solved your quiz.
>> >
>> > Comments?
>> >
>> [1] http://people.freedesktop.org/~vignatti/evdev_proposal.png
>> -- 
>> Tiago Vignatti
>> C3SL - Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre
>> www.c3sl.ufpr.br
> Well, maybe I'm  just not seeing the whole picture here but the
> xf86-input-evdev in app/ looks to be the same exact source code as the
> xf86-input-evdev in drivers. The one in app/ is version 1.1.3 and the 
> one in
> drivers/ is version 1.1.4...
> The 1.1.3 version is even missing in drivers/.... :-) Which again, tells me
> someone uploaded to the wrong directory. And if the xf86-input-evdev in 
> app/
> is REALLY supposed to be a library and not a driver or app, then why 
> does it
> have the same EXACT name as the driver and why is it in app/ when it should
> be in lib/?
> Nothing else in app/ depends on xorg-server, except this supposed new
> xf86-input-evdev, that's actually a driver but supposed to be a lib?
> I'm sorry, but something isn't adding up here. Maybe I need another cup of
> coffee but I think we have a problem here.

It feels a little weird. http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/ is not showing 
what you describe.

Tiago Vignatti
C3SL - Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre

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