855GM vga out 1680x1050 does not work (i810 driver)

Tero Laitinen tero.laitinen at iki.fi
Sat Nov 11 08:53:31 PST 2006

>Eric Anholt wrote:
>>Tero Laitinen wrote:
>>I could not get it working, though. There might be some configuration 
>>issues or something else. The config file I use is at 
>>http://www.iki.fi/tol/xorg.conf.txt  and the log file is at 
>They don't seem to match.  The log has:
>(**) I810(0): Option "ddc" "FALSE"
>while the xorg.conf doesn't.
>The lack of DDC is what's killing you here.  Also, you should remove the
>multiple monitors and devices, hard-coded sync/refresh, monitor layout,
>display info and device presence options, and extra serverlayout stuff
>if you're going to be doing the modesetting branch.  It'll at best do
>nothing, at least for now.
Hm. I must have messed something up while struggling to get it working.

These two files match:
They contain still those monitor layout-options and other relics.

The startup attempt ends in following message:

Fatal server error:
No modes found on either pipe

So the error is still the same.

I did not know exactly what to remove and what to leave in the config 
file. Here's one try:

I updated xf86-video-intel and drm drivers from the git repository 
before trying.

The X server started but there was again this "Input Not Supported" text 
in the external screen.
Also, the internal LCD screen flickers a little and produces slight 
humming sound, strange.

Is there some documentation available how to write a proper xorg.conf 
for the new modesetting driver? Also, can I somehow find out what the 
VGA out is offering to the external display?

>>If the dualscreen support is not working yet, is there a way to use only 
>>VGA out as primary screen and disable local screen?
>Not at the moment -- we've temporarily removed support for that while
>working on RandR 1.2.  My hope is that with RandR 1.2, we won't need it
>to be config time, and people will be happy with using tools on their
>desktop (or command line apps) to turn off outputs they don't like.
Okay. Is RandR usable at the moment? If this "VGA out only"-feature was 
supported before, can I use some older version to make it work?

Also, I found a utility called i855crt (http://i855crt.sourceforge.net/) 
which managed to setup correct resolution for the external display with 
this modeline

"1680x1050" 146.2 1680 1784 1960 2240 1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync

Unfortunately, as the image is mirrored from the internal screen, I can 
only use a small portion of the external screen because the resolution 
is smaller in the internal screen. I tried to circumvent the problem by 
setting up a virtual screen of 1680x1050. The desktop is 1680x1050 in 
the internal screen and works fine but in the external screen it does 
not show anything sensible beyond 1024x768.

Best regards and thanks,

Tero Laitinen

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