AMD/NSC Geode 5536 (LX) driver

Rene Rebe rene at
Sat Nov 11 10:13:46 PST 2006


On Saturday 11 November 2006 18:58, Markus Heller wrote:
> Dear Rene, Dear Alan,
> I managed to get the patched driver running, including rotation.
> base code: xf86-video-nsc-X11R7.1-2.8.1
> right from the freedesktop site, for 7.1
> patch: nsc-amd-geode-lx-R6.patch
> I compiled it as Rene wrote below. Then I copied the driver over to the
> device, which is a IBC 520
> I can hereby confirm that the patch compiles and runs fine on the given
> hardware.
> I will attach photo from the rotated screen - and send a second copy of
> this email, without the photo - to the xorg mailing list.
> Thanks voluminously for your help. If you need some more information or
> specific files for statistic / debugging purposes, just send me an email!

Good, as expected. I'll go and commit this into xf86-video-nsc and release
a new driver - soon.

The only issue with the dirver I know of is that changing between a bitmap and 
RGBA cursor shortly shows random garbage. Everything else is very fine.

If I find enough time I also want to rewrite the rotation handling to not 
require the shadowfb.


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