xcb + build.sh + util + demo

Ron Wezeman i.r.wezeman at hetnet.nl
Fri Nov 10 19:04:58 PST 2006

Have build default with util/modular/build.sh when adding 'build xcb
util' above row 'build xcb demo'. Now get's the error:

gcc  -g -O2   -o hypnomoire  hypnomoire-hypnomoire.o
hypnomoire-reply_formats.o  -lm -lpthread 
hypnomoire-hypnomoire.o: In function `event_thread':
xcb/demo/hypnomoire.c:198: undefined reference to `xcb_wait_for_event'
xcb/demo/hypnomoire.c:209: undefined reference to `xcb_copy_area'
xcb/demo/hypnomoire.c:213: undefined reference to `xcb_flush'
hypnomoire-hypnomoire.o: In function `paint':
xcb/demo/hypnomoire.c:96: undefined reference to `xcb_copy_area'
and more .....


Ron Wezeman

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