DRI problems on FC6 with fglrx driver

Charles Tuckey charles at tuckey.ca
Sun Nov 12 15:05:38 PST 2006

I have installed FC6 x86_64 on my Inspiron 9400 laptop. It has an ATI
Mobility Radeon X1400 video card. I installed the latest ATI fglrx
driver. AIGLX won't work with my setup so I disabled it and the
Composite extension in xorg.conf.

According to the Xorg log file everything seems to load fine. There
are no errors and only 3 warnings:
fglrx(0): board is an unknown third party board, chipset is supported
fglrx(0): Option "VendorName" is not used
fglrx(0): Option "ModelName" is not used
It indicates that DRI has been enabled:
fglrx(0): DRI initialization successful!

But, glxinfo gives me this:
direct rendering: No

And, fglrxinfo has the OpenGL vendor string set to Mesa project.

glxgears is giving me about 500 fps which, I think, is very slow.

Any ideas on what I can try next?


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