Maximum Number of Clients

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Sun Nov 12 21:11:47 PST 2006

Steve Condas wrote:
> I have a use case in which I need about 400 clients to access a single X 
> server.  I modified the Xserver/include/misc.h to increase the 
> MAXCLIENTS from 256 to 512, but it still isn't working.  I suspect that 
> the next issue is in X11/Xpoll.h due to the bit handling within that 
> file that seems limited to 8 bits.  Can anyone confirm whether I am on 
> the right track, and whether modifiying this file to handle 9 bits of 
> file descriptors will be sufficient to solve my problem?

Yes, when Xsun was extended to 1024 clients, major surgery of Xpoll.h was
required.   (I don't think that's all you'll need, but it's the next step.)

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